winding down

I'm starting to get the "semester's almost over" blues. well, not really blues, but more like laziness. you see, I'm constantly going going going going... that once the "going"ness stops, I go to the next extreme, which is doing absolutey nothing. it was hard for me to even get myself up to write this. it's a little premature, though, because I still have one more final small paper to write and some grading to do for work. but the freedom is so close I can taste it. I don't really know if I like it - the void is actually really uncomfortable for me. I start to get ansty, which explains the research I was doing today for the program I want to apply for once I graduate next year. I'm looking into the Ed.S program in Marriage and Family Therpay at TCNJ. I wish I could start it now. I can get really hyper about stuff like this.

on a more depressing note, maya is in full swing, throwing me all kinds of buying temptations. my beautiful and lovely godsister, seva priya, sent around this link for this oh-so-cool website, gheehappy.com
there are so many cute accessories! but I am resisting... it wasn't until I found this link via that website that I was really in trouble...pardonmyhindi.com
cute t's galoure! I couldn't resis this one, and just had to order it.... what's wrong with me? I'm leaving for Vrindavana in a week!!! I should be saving my money... I'm so weak!

oh, no, I didn't even tell you the worst part... or maybe the best. we're getting a dog. I know, I know... dog's are dirty, they're moochie, blah, blah, blah. I'm too lazy to go into my whole speel about it. maybe I'll save that for later. needless-to-say, there's a whole other end of spending that comes with our new pup, Lalli. I didn't even tell you about the vera bradley accessories I purchased off ebay for her. I'm turning into one of those crazy people that dresses up their animal. I know. don't even start with me about it.
she's not coming home until Sunday. I'll keep you updated.


satyavati said...

I know a lot of folks have hangups about dogs but I dont!! We have had our dog longer than I have been a devotee and as far as I'm concerned she's a devotee too.. she gets prasadam and listens to bhajans and sits with me when I chant. So I would just think that this puppy (who is adorable and looks like Benji!) is a very fortunate soul who has done austerities and is now getting the benefit of devotee association.

There's a dog named Regan that belongs to one of the neigbour families near the temple. He comes around and I usually see him on Mondays right around when I am bringing the breakfast cart out! I get him to sit and give me his paw and then he gets maha halava. So this dog has IMHO like a hundred times better chance of going BTG than I do.

To me, every squirrel, bee, ant, lizard, every living thing at the temple is getting all this association and prasadam and so I don't think less of them. I warn people when I invite them over (not like they ever come cause we live kinda far) that we have a dog and if that freaks them out then they don't have to come over. But me, I have no problem with dogs. And I know a family where Mom and Dad are Prabhupada disciples and they have a dog too. And they are like the best devotees I know, so it can't be such a terrible thing to do.

kmala said...

thanks for the words of encouragement... I recently visited a sannyasi who had a dog and a cat... my guru maharaj was also visiting him at the time, and he made a positive comment about it... now I'm not trying to take that as him telling me to g o out and get one, but I figured it can't be so bad. she's so cute, really.

satyavati said...

And I found a nice picture in my files that I'm posting on my blog for you :)