what, you've never seen anyone in a crazy red hat before???

so I bought this ridiculous hat at the gap yesterday. I think it's pretty cute. but people have been really thrown back by it all day. I actually had a lady pointing and laughing at me behind my back...which I thought was funny. my husband said I look like a rooster, which I also thought was pretty funny. I even did a little rooster dance.

at any rate, madhavi went to bharat natyam this morning, and then we made our way to whole foods in middletown, which was fun. I was having a hard time while she was eating the pizza there for lunch. if you've never had it, mmmm, you don't know what you're missing. today is soup and salad day for me, so I couldn't go anywhere near it. I had a nice salad there though. I bought lots of good stuff...but also passed up a lot of stuff because it's just too expensive there. like why spend $3 on a bunch of organic broccoli when I can get it for half the price at shoprite? I'm all for eating better, but I can't afford to go all the way organic yet. I'm just a public school teacher/full-time graduate student/ocd shopper, after all.

I went up a lb. today, but I also got my monthly woman's visitor. so that explains a little bloating as well as my cravings and urges to simultaneously kick madhavi in the butt and buy a new puppy. yes, I almost bought a new puppy today. hormones will do that to a person.

tomorrow is back to real eating. I'm looking forward to getting back to my regulated schedule. I'm finding that I'm not really all that hungry during the day. I hope that lasts.


satyavati said...

I LOVE the hat.

I have some from Peru, but not nice ones like that.

I have 2 rules for wearing "unusual" things: 1. be totally unselfconscious; people will sometimes be intimidated by the fact that you seem to be totally unfazed 2. remember: screw em if they can't take a joke.

I absolutely love the hat.

Beth said...

You need to haul yourself out to Trader Joes for cheap organic food. It's my favorite place to shop & well worth the trip.

I actually really like the hat. It's fun. Wearing it will make winter less dreary. And seriously even if you make people laugh or smile AT you, at least you brought joy to someone's day. It's all positive.