o.j. day

today was all about being hungry. it's quite annoying. I actually cheated a tad bit and had a bananna for dinner. I couldn't help it - I had to. I was so hungry and in need of something to calm down my stomach (which was literally making angry noises at me).

on the way to this super ridiculous department holiday party, I stopped at this health food store in toms river that I hadn't been to since high school. I needed to pick up some acidopholis for the post-op recovery. I couldn't believe the variety of stuff they had in there... it was a like a mini-Whole Foods, but kind of better. I found these yummy looking cookies that didn't have eggs in them, and this microwavable cheddar broccoli soup without chicken stock...and so many other things. I didn't actually buy anything because I didn't have much time to shop, and plus, why buy stuff you can't eat yet anyway? but I think I want to take a trip to Whole Foods this weekend at some point and do some shopping for next week.

one realization today is how glad I am I don't drink alcohol. people are so into alcohol and I just don't get it. I get it, but I guess what I really mean is I think it's ridiculous. at this departmental holiday party I had to go to today they played that gift game where you put in a gift and then pick names and you can steal other peoples gifts... I can't remember what it's called... anyway, literally 3/4 of the presents were some form of alcohol. it was just overboard. I decided not to play the game before hand, mostly because I'm cheap and don't know half of the people... but I'm glad I did because I probably would have come home with an expensive and useless bottle of wine. why not just give money to charity instead?

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