soup du jour

today was soup day. I made a sweet potato-kale-zucchini medly. it's really just boiled vegetables in water, but it's better than lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayanne pepper! I had a few crackers and a piece of toast too... which is a little more cheating, but my stomach feels ok, and I didn't overdo it.

I was shocked to see that I lost almost another 1.5lbs. I've lost something like 11.5lbs. I can't remember exactly what I started at (in terms of the ounces) but it's close enough. it's crazy. but I lost 11 the first time I did the cleanse... so what I'm hoping is that I only gain 3 back like I did the first time, and then I maintain it for longer... like for forever. I feel so good about the way I look right now. If I looked like this all of the time I would never feel bad about the way I look. ok, except for my double chin. I'll never get over that.

I spent today teaching, learning, and shopping. Run-on sentences, marriage and family systems therapy, and old navy. quite a day.

<--- a good find, no?

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Ananga-manjari said...

I hear you on the Master Cleanse thing. We started ours Dec 2nd and just ate our first "real meal" this past Saturday. I must say, I didn't enjoy eating as much as I thought I would after 2 weeks of fasting. We followed it exactly even the 3 days following the cleanse. But what I enjoyed (am enjoying) most eating green salad again. But today we'll have dal and quinoa which is quite nice, as well.

Am dasi