puppy love

so, we did it. we got a puppy... or rather santa left an early gift. her name is lali, which means "little girl" in hindi (I think hindi...). my husband says she looks like a little ewok (sp?). she's just a little ball of fur. when I got her home her true personality came out... she's a little bit of a freak, but it's ok, I'd rather have a dog with a little bit of personality.

the one thing that's a little disappointing is that after all of the research it seems that puppys can't really be vegetarian... adult dogs, no problem. but there is no such thing as vegetarian puppy food. so, unfortunately, we're doing a mix of regular puppy food and adult veg food for now. it's not the worst thing in the world, but I was kind of excited to be able to have a veg dog. in a few months though, it will be no problem.

I have a massive headache and I have been super tired the past few days. this pretty much happens at the end of every semester though. I think it's part of the termination process for me. one of my friends at school, whom I have a lot in common with, was saying she is experiencing the similar symptoms - especially the feeling like, "what do I do now??". I guess fortunately for us, the spring semester will be upon us shortly... along with our thesis project. joy!

I've only gained about 4lbs back so far, which is really good. I feel really good about how I'm doing, though I have to admit that I'm being a little OCD in my head everytime I eat a little more than I think I should. I really need to start exercising, but I'm waiting until I get back from India to really get into the groove....
and yeay! let the vrindavana countdown begin!!! at this time next week I'll be in a car driving to vraj. how exciting is that?!?!


Devadeva dasi said...

ooooh! i didnt realize you were posting here! now i can get to work and read all about you...

you wear black on the outside cause black is how you feel on the inside.

ok. so i am totally excited about sitting in on your life. i have felt a little too personal for my blog lately. so...now i have lots of time to read my friends'.

kmala said...

oh I'm here alright. as mundane and unrealized as I can get.