day six: are we there yet?

I have to keep telling myself it's only a few more days. when I said to my husband on the car ride home from school, "I don't feel like doing this fast anymore." I expected him to say, "so why not break it?" but instead he said, "but you're already 6 days into it..."

he's right. there's no turning back now. I would feel like such a loser if I stopped now. I'm getting really bored of the lemonade, and I don't even want to talk about the tea. physically I feel fine. I would even venture to say good. I didn't sleep well last night (I have bouts of insomnia sometimes) so I am quite tired today - though not as tired as I expected to be.

anyway, four more days to go. it could be worse. it could be six or seven. I'm over the hump. I lost .8lbs between yesterday and today, bringing my grand total to 7.2lbs so far. not too shabby.

I'm sorry, I don't really have anything fun to say today. I think I just need to rest.

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