day seven: three more days still feels like forever.

Usually when I sit down to write here it's late and I'm not in a great mood. I feel bad. I don't want anyone to get the impression that I'm this miserable all day. I was actually in quite a good mood for most of today. But then I had to go to school and deal with my annoying professor who has ridiculous expectations...and then I found out my daugher lost her first tooth (which is awesome) and I missed it...and then I got a crappy email from this lady about how I don't understand something that I clearly understand - it is she that does not understand... anyway, you get my point. it's the end of the day, I haven't eaten in 7 freakin' days and I'm tired of dealing with annoying people. it's nothing personal.

so tomorrow I will try to write at a more decent hour so you can feel the more happy me. tomorrow is day 8. that alone is worth celebrating.

I've considered that if I run out of lemons before friday (I bought three 5lb bags to start) that I might just end when they run out. But I don't know, that's probably my evil, quitter side talking. I should just go out to the store and buy more if I need to.

I'm down another pound. 8.2lbs gone so far. Right now I'm at the weight I want to be at after I finish and gain a few back. So, in other words, I'd like to lose another three so that when I gain some back it evens out. Totally on the bodily platform - I really like the way my body looks right now. I love the way my cloths fit... and not in a like "I look gooooooooood!" way, but it a "damn, my pants aren't cutting off my circulation and my stomache isn't spilling out the top" way.

seven down, three to go. three to go. three to go.

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