day four: day dreaming.

hot chocolate. pineapple chile pizza. lasagne. cookies. coldstone peanutbutter iced cream. any kind of pasta with a beautiful fresh tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella and parmesana cheese. bagels. hummus. a tramendous salad. tacos. nachos. soy nuggets. veggie heaven. bbq'd tofu...or no, curd. curd sabji. sweet potatoe pakoras. jaya su's dohkla. with coriander chutney. puris. chapatis. roti. parothas. fancy rice (no seeds). cheese. butter!

the list could go on and on. today I didn't feel all that hungry, but all I could think about was food. I'm dying to eat something. anything. but I know I can't. I shouldn't. I won't. Day four... I've come too far. tomorrow is the halfway mark in terms of the fasting. I can do this. I'm doing it.

Amazingly, somehow, according to my scale, I am down almost 7 lbs. I think soon I will stop losing. This is the quickest I've lost this much. If I didn't feel so good, which I do, I would be a little scared. But overall, I feel fine.

oh, and, p.s., that tea is getting on my nerves.


Priya said...

Go girl!!! I'm cheering you on. You're inspiring me to do the cleanse. Is is easier doing it with someone or alone? I'm looking forward to your blogs and how the 10 days go. Do you do the salt water thing in the morning, or just the fennel tea? Wow......I admire you. Food is so......well you know. :-)

kmala said...

I think it can go either way. doing it with someone else is nice because you're both experiencing the same thing. but sometimes it's hard to share that. I wanted my friend Kisori to do it with me this time, but actually, I'm glad she didn't. She's done it before, so she knows what I'm going through. So her support is different. I don't know if that makes sense. So yes, you need the support of so many people - it's hard to do it if you have people criticizing you about it. The bottom line is to have some kind of support, whether it's someone doing it with you or just someone to cheer you on.

and yes, I know!!

kmala said...

oh, and, about the salt water flush. I opt to not do it because of time in the morning. because I have to leave for work by 7, I would have to get up at like 4 to do the SWF. That's just not practical for me. so I drink the tea (YUK!) twice a day. it has worked for me so far.