day eight: take it one day a time.

I stayed home from work today. I didn't sleep that well last night and was just so tired this morning that I decided it was a good day to stay home. while I was still contemplating the fast I asked this nutrition lady what she thought about it. she said she thought it was a positive thing, but reminded me that part of the purpose is to help the body rest - that doing the fast while maintaining a hectic and crazy schedule might be too much. it hasn't really been that bad - in fact, sometimes I think it makes it easier. if my mind is on something else, then I'm not thinking about not eating. but I thought today would be a good day to rest. so I stayed home and worked on some things that I wouldn't have been able to get done at work.

I'm thinking about making tomorrow my last day. I don't know why I can't go 10...maybe I can. but I feel like I'm really ready to stop. but I thought if I approached it as "one day at a time" that maybe I could somehow trick myself into the full 10 days. so tomorrow I will decide if I can make it the extra day. I hate to give up at the end, but really, mentally, I'm finished.

I lost another 1.4....so that makes it 9.6 total I think. another lb or two, and I'll feel satisfied in that realm. cleanse wise, I already feel really good...I'm ready to start a cleaner, more natural eating regimin.

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