pre-op: I just want to enjoy!

really, the fast starts the day before it starts. mentally, I am preparing myself for ten+ days of no solid food. akuntitha sent me an email that said, "pig out today cuz tomorrow...well, you know!" and oh, I know. so I did everything in my power to eat lots of crap over the past few days... chocolate and cheese galore (not necessarily together, but that wouldn't have been a bad idea!)... in fact I had this crazy grilled cheese tofurky melt for dinner that was so divinely cheese and buttery... mmm.... anyway, you get my point. really, food for me is all about comfort and enjoyment. that's half my problem right there. and Krsna, being Himself, has to throw a little wrench into the equation. a few days ago my toothbrush slipped whilst I was brushing and I cut the inside of my lower gum line. and ouch, immediately I knew what was going to happen. low and behold a day later I had two huge canker sores...and then a day after that a third. mouth pain has to be one of the worst - next to sleep deprivation, which is painful on so many levels... but I digress... so eating hasn't been all that fun the past few days. but I've been trying really hard. I must have spent about $30 just on "remedies" for these damn things... none of which worked, btw. While I try to chew on one side and in the back of my mouth, I imagine Krsna giggling at me and pointing, saying, "Just look at you trying to enjoy!" He's a funny one, that Krsna.
to get started for tomorrow I had to drink my first dose of the laxative tea. did I mention I hate fennel? well, I do. I despise it as much as any one person could and then some. the smell alone was making me gag. but what can I do? it's an essential ingredient to a healthy cleanse. the lemon drink cleans the insides and the tea pushes it all out. a nice visual, right?
and so I embark on day one tomorrow... I have faith that I can do it, I just don't know how fun it will be.
<---on the verge, don't I look so excited?

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kisori said...

good luck!!! wish i was doing it with you, it's always easier with a friend...but not good timing for me! xo, kisori