day one isn't pretty

they say a picture is worth a thousand words. well, I don't even have the words to describe how absolutely horrible I feel right now. I've done this fast twice before and I've never felt this bad. my head is pounding. I can only imagine that this is what a migraine feels like. today is d-day... that is detox day. my body is freaking out because all these crazy toxins are trying to get out. I recently attended a nutrition workshop and the lady giving the class talked about how we shouldn't eat things that have ingredients we can't pronounce. right now I imagine all of those unpronouncable things swimming inside me pushing to get out. get out, get out, get out!

with that said, I need to rest. I need to rest so absolutely. so I'm going to go do that. I just hope that tomorrow is better.


satyavati said...

I just don't think I could do this.

But I admire you for it.

Hare Krishna!

kmala said...

most people say that when they hear about it initially. but you'd be surprised what your body can do, what your mind can over come. I love food soooooooooooo much, and I almost never fast on fasting days because "I can't!", but for some reason, this is one austerity I can do. it's weird.